FLOW (Friends Landscaping Our World) Neighborhood Revitalization

From the F.L.O.W Website: “Michelle Gordon, Realtor in Grand Rapids, Michigan, works with many low to moderate income home buyers. Due to current market conditions, there are many affordable homes.

When checking on her clients after they have bought their home, there was one common response.

“I love my new home, I have cleaned up, painted and moved in. However the yard needs some work and this is very expensive!” Most of these homes have been vacant for a long time and the yards have gotten out of control. Trying to “fix” the yard takes expertise, money and time.

So Michelle called Jason Haywood with Signature Outdoor Concepts asking for split plant’s of his past clients. Jason did one better- and volunteered to landscape 3 yards for free!

The effect this had on the new home owners was over whelming, but the effect it had on the community and the volunteers was much more then expected.

The volunteers had so much fun and felt very good about a hard days work. The neighbors had joined in, by “fixing” their own yards.”