2007 FLOW Project Homeowner

The landscaping project was an INCREDIBLE experience for me.  After slaving over a home renovation, just to make the place livable, landscaping wasn’t in my budget, nor would it be for a long time as I was a single (low) income, first time home buyer.  FLOW enhanced my home and gave me a sense of pride in my home.  The makeover was infectious – I noticed the neighbors started cleaning up their yard shortly after. About two years later, I got married and bought a home with my husband.  Believe me, it was bittersweet to place my beloved little bungalow on the market.  The Nelson house showed beautifully and we were not surprised that it sold in two weeks (and this was during the real estate slump of 2008!).  The yard was a huge contributing factor, that’s for sure.

Thanks again for everything!