Carmine & Beatrice B.

After our introduction by a good friend and builder to Jason and the Signature Outdoor Concepts Team, little did we realize, that we would begin one of the most creative and fun journeys that resulted in the major redefinition of our yard and outdoor living lifestyle. After several brainstorming meetings with Jason, I began to realize that the chemistry of his creativity, spacial and color genius, along with his ability to quickly assess the possibilities, would yield something far beyond my initial thoughts. What began as a simple pool concept quickly moved to a broader challenge of creating a special custom designed place for our family and friends to enjoy time together, but in a unique and special setting. Jason worked with us, in a very flexible manner, to redefine our entire back yard while blending-in with and enhancing the overall look of our home in its natural setting of a wooded sloping property. Jason’s creativity combined with the diligent work of his team turned what was a natural, but unusable portion of our property into a private outdoor living and entertainment area. The team integrated the beauty of function and form through the process of compounding textures and colors of stone, brick, rock walls, shrubs, flowers and landscaping into a luxurious pool setting, including waterfall wall, wood burning fireplace and covered outdoor grilling kitchen with bar that overlooks a natural park-like view to the lake.

The overall effort of the Signature team was simply amazing as they put their hearts and souls into the creation of this very special place. The courtesy and professionalism of Jason and his team is only matched by the passion they have to bring your dreams to reality. We are pleased to acknowledge their excellent and creative work.