Carmine & Beatrice B.

After our introduction by a good friend and builder to Jason and the Signature Outdoor Concepts Team, little did we realize, that we would begin one of the most creative and fun journeys that resulted in the major redefinition of our yard and outdoor living lifestyle. After several brainstorming meetings with Jason, I began to realize that the chemistry of his creativity, spacial and color genius, along with his ability to quickly assess the possibilities, would yield something far beyond my initial thoughts. What began as a simple pool concept quickly moved to a broader challenge of creating a special custom designed place for our family and friends to enjoy time together, but in a unique and special setting. Jason worked with us, in a very flexible manner, to redefine our entire back yard while blending-in with and enhancing the overall look of our home in its natural setting of a wooded sloping property. Jason’s creativity combined with the diligent work of his team turned what was a natural, but unusable portion of our property into a private outdoor living and entertainment area. The team integrated the beauty of function and form through the process of compounding textures and colors of stone, brick, rock walls, shrubs, flowers and landscaping into a luxurious pool setting, including waterfall wall, wood burning fireplace and covered outdoor grilling kitchen with bar that overlooks a natural park-like view to the lake.

The overall effort of the Signature team was simply amazing as they put their hearts and souls into the creation of this very special place. The courtesy and professionalism of Jason and his team is only matched by the passion they have to bring your dreams to reality. We are pleased to acknowledge their excellent and creative work.

Marilyn & David H.

Thank you Jason and all of your staff at Signature.  Starting with the plan that captured our lifestyle and dreams for backyard activities, and everyday of construction, you more than exceeded our expectations.  We are looking forward to many seasons of fun!

Mike and Michelle G.

What a pleasure it is to work with Signature!  Jason’s ability to see and design outside the box is one of the reasons we continue to hire him.  It was important to us that our yard/landscaping did not look like everyone else’s.  When telling Jason a theme he is able to take the picture you have in your head and make it a reality.  Jason and his team has a “can do” attitude and will get the job done.  The time and effort he and his team put into making our landscaping original and what we wanted is what makes Signature Outdoor Concepts stand out from all the rest.  It is a pleasure to see the same people come back to work on our landscaping year after year.  After 10 years, we have gotten to know the staff and feel very confortable with them at our home, they have become like family.  We know we can trust them and they have our best interest in mind.

Tom and Denise G.

Denise and I live in East Grand Rapids, and have three teenage children. We never had a pool before, and when we considered building one, we were not sure how much we would use it. It has been open for two seasons now, and has dramatically changed how we spend our summers.

The kids love it, and so do their friends. We have gotten to know and enjoy lots of different kids. Our friends and family know they are welcome any time, and we love seeing everyone enjoy the pool.

The pool also draws us outside, whether swimming or just sitting. It is extremely calming to sit by water with a crowd, or alone. We used to hide indoors from the summer heat, now we can enjoy the summer. The pool has changed our life.

Lance and Madeline E.

When we originally contacted Jason, we knew we wanted a pool and better utilization of our backyard.   In many ways, we didn’t know what we didn’t know.  He was extremely helpful providing us with ideas that fit our requirements.  The look and feel of our new backyard is outstanding and exceeded our expectations.  The quality of work from design, construction and follow up has been exceptional. The Signature Outdoor Concepts team has been easy to work with and very responsive.

Robert and Molly T.

We used Signature for 3 projects and found them to be excellent. While the designs were top-notch and the prices fair, the thing that stands out as a differentiating factor was how easy they were to work with. Jason put a lot of work into our designs and came back with some great ideas based on our feedback. The work crew was efficient and clean. I would go to work in the morning and come home at night and I could hardly tell they were there all day, well, except for the drastic improvement in the landscape. I highly recommend Signature.

Scott and Gina P.

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for the beautiful job Signature Landscape and Design did. You have completed an incredible overhaul of our back yard, and we could not be happier. We have received so many compliments on the pool and landscape and look forward to many years of Enjoyment. From our first meeting with Jason and the way you listened so closely to what we wanted and what we were saying, and then came back to us with plans which were beyond our dreams! We knew then we had chosen wisely. The foreman for our project, Brian, was outstanding! Every rock in our waterfall was placed just so, so that to the naked eye it seems almost by nature, but we know it was Brian and Jason’s keen eye behind every placement. The Signature team was never late, always consistent, polite and communicative, and so very patient with our questions. It was a joy to work with the entire Signature team.

Every subcontractor that you used for our large project was A-list in their quality, cooperation and professionalism. Every detail was covered to a level of quality that would be hard to surpass by anyone. Also, the plantings that you selected for our property are incredible, and they are all thriving and growing well in their new home. Finally, we must commend you for the amazing job you did in keeping control of everything, in keeping the project moving, and for your incredible and unwavering commitment to quality. Knowing that we will live with the results of this project for many years, we are so grateful that we chose to go with a high quality organization like Signature Landscape and Design.

Amy H.

Signature did a wonderful job turning my overgrown, sloping backyard into a beautiful, functional outdoor space.  I found that they used quality materials.  Each step of the way, they communicated with me about drainage, watering, placement of stone…  They educated me about trees and plant materials.  They really paid attention to detail.  I am confident that Signature will stand behind their work.  Our family loves our new backyard!

Joel and Karen L.

I have worked with Signature Outdoor Concepts and was very happy with their crews, the work performed, and the finished results.  I found them to be very professional and experienced and would highly recommend their services.

2007 FLOW Project Homeowner

The landscaping project was an INCREDIBLE experience for me.  After slaving over a home renovation, just to make the place livable, landscaping wasn’t in my budget, nor would it be for a long time as I was a single (low) income, first time home buyer.  FLOW enhanced my home and gave me a sense of pride in my home.  The makeover was infectious – I noticed the neighbors started cleaning up their yard shortly after. About two years later, I got married and bought a home with my husband.  Believe me, it was bittersweet to place my beloved little bungalow on the market.  The Nelson house showed beautifully and we were not surprised that it sold in two weeks (and this was during the real estate slump of 2008!).  The yard was a huge contributing factor, that’s for sure.

Thanks again for everything!